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And then there was David…


So this is a drawing i did in my art history class. It was way to early and it was going by way to slow. Michelangelo’s David was brought up again and how he is the protector of Florence. I don’t know why but it made me think of a robot fighting an octopus in a city. 

-nick v.

From Van Gogh to Vector

Have you ever stopped to think about being an artist—not talking for a profession or anything, I mean more or less what pops in your head when someone refers to artists. For me, it is painting. That classical representation of an artist can’t seem to leave me. I kind of laugh to think how different things might have been, living as someone artistically inclined to create, in the old days compared to now. I wonder what an artist from Van Gogh’s day would think about the “art” produced today.

beforeafterAnyways, thanks to those checking out our blog. It’s new and we will be working on it, we are new to this sort of thing so once we get the hang of it, hopefully, it will start to look pretty good.


It’s a popularity contest!

So another election has come and gone, and yet again most of us flocked to vote in America’s biggest popularity contest. Anyways I know that this is all old news, but back around the time of the whole election I did a screen print of all the candidates names listed on the Florida ballot. I was amazed that there were 13 candidates running for the office of president, mostly because all you ever heard was, “Obama this…” and “McCain that”. And since there were 13 different candidates, I decided it would be cool to somehow arrange the names in a way that somehow represented an American flag. 

This screen print was an experiment for me, considering that all screen prints I had done up to this point were on t-shirts. And instead of printing on paper I decided to print it on a canvas with a collage of newspaper clippings about the election.

Here are some pictures of my process for you. Enjoy.







Unfortunately for me, I am not blessed to own a light table in which I can burn my screens, and until I can build one, this is how I must do it. It’s a pain in the ass but it gets the job done.


Here is the screen after I burned the image and rinsed it out.



This was definitely and experience for me and I loved it. I learned what works and what doesn’t. Unfortunately and I had only one chance to get it right, and although there are some minor flaws, it actually turned out kind of cool.

-nick v.

Mega Don Entertainment (logo)

Mega Don Entertainment (logo)

A friend of mine out in Phoenix is working on his start-up business called Mega Don Entertainment, organizing shows and events for clubs, private events, and such in the area dealing primarily in rap and hip-hop entertainment. This is the logo design that I did for him. Below, is the top end of the letterhead I sent to him as well.



Wow, I’m the first post. That is kind of scary. 

Ok so this is a window I painted in front of the student store at my school, The Art Institute of Jacksonville. I was approached about doing this project by my friend Jim (as he likes to be called, he is also my fellow blogger). I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to do my illustrations with a new medium (in this case paint on glass).   

Window 1

After about an hour, this is what I came up with. And that was the end of the first day ladies and gents.

Window 2

The second day I added the robot. and the guy throwing out the clothes, the clothes line, and the kiddy pool.

Window 4And after about 2 weeks this is what I ended up with. Finally a finished window. I know its kind of hard to see the entire thing so below I put some close ups.

Window 5

Window 6

Window 7

Window 8

Window 9

Window 10

Window 11

Window 12

Window 13

Window 14

Window 15

Window 16

There are a lot of pictures there, so I hope you are happy. Not bad for the first post.

-nick v.

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