Dock for Lease?

Escaping for a day and an evening, away from the construction riddled roads of rage consumed drivers, I ventured two hours north to Savannah. The city, in all it’s historic glory, is an amazing escape from the everyday mundane environment I live in here in Jacksonville. I don’t quite know if it is architecture or the sky lined sprawl of spanish moss covered trees, but there is something about Savannah that takes the edge away and always seems to supply me with something interesting to look at.

wall behind fenceonewaydegenerated etchingsdamaged caution signmad hatter

scoop!splattermutilated bird on streetword baloonKelly & Jimmy

These are photographs that I had taken at random—when something struck my attention, captured my interest. Of coarse, I had to put one with my girlfriend in as well, her being the inspiration to get away for a day and an evening in the first place.

Doc for Lease

For dinner, the evening of our trip to Savannah, Kelly and I ate at our favorite restaurant of chance, the Chart House. Shortly after finishing the delightful crab-stuffed shrimp dish, my eye was lured to a sight across the river—just out the window. Trying to photograph at that distance with my trusty excuse of a camera that is the Nikon Coolpix S50, was not going to happen. I took out my sketch book and drew the scene up quickly as the Chocolate Lava Cake desert approached the table. Something about this sign “Dock for Lease” seemed to embody, for me, all the elements of this troubled economy that are present in almost every corner of every place that you go these days.


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