What are you lookin’ at?—sketchbook


I have been trying to figure out what project I want to get myself going on next over the last week and a half, hence, not too much activity from me on here. My bad. I am beginning working on two rather big illustration projects this week—One series, one large piece. That doesn’t mean I will be doing nothing for the blog though while working on those.

I will be making more of an effort to do more sketchbook entries (like the one above). So look for those. Also…

I met with a guy this afternoon, as I stood, waiting for my drink at the Starbucks on San Pablo and Beach Blvd., a guy was working with a set of microns—my tool of choice—on a four panel illustration. What really caught my eye next though, was his use of watercolors within the illustration. I stopped to ask him a bit about the project, which he was kindly enough to humor me and clue me into what he was up to. As a response, I am now looking to work with some watercolors on a trial basis to see what I can do with them, so look for my experimental trial on the blog.

Finally, I too would like to thank anybody that takes the time to check out this blog. Even though it is really about having some fun, or making ourselves do something that isn’t necessarily school related for sanities’ sake, we also like the idea that someone besides us might like something we do from time-to-time as well. Thanks again, and please leave some comments if you see something you like, or something you would like to see more of.



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