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Things that make you go….wtf

So i spend a many nights just hanging out at my apartment… all alone. Sometimes that can get pretty boring, and when i get bored i tend to do things that just don’t really make sense. Tonight was definitely one of those nights. I was going through all of my screens because i need to reclaim them so i can do some other cool stuff that i have in the works.


Well anyways i came across a screen i burned a long time ago (so long ago that i’m probably going to have to rescreen the frame) when i did a screen printing workshop at school. It just so happens that the image burned into the screen is my face. So i got this crazy idea i was going to print it on some blank t-shirts i had left over back from the Treehouse Clothing days. So i went to work and printed a few shirts with my face on them. 



My main goal was just to have some fun and kill my boredom. Now the only problem is im stuck with like 7 shirts with my face on them. Anyone want one?  if for some strange reason you find yourself dying to have one shoot me an email at


-nick v.


Whoa… a button maker!



Believe it or not, a button press is far less simple and timely as one might assume. Recently acquiring access to one, I have a new found respect for all those faithful campaign workers diligently pressing buttons back in the days that trains were still a common practice for political campaign trails. I imagined the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution, when workers upon workers were placed next to each other with one job to do—one job they would do over, over, over again day in and day out. Assembly lines are a terrible fate to think about.

When I hear someone complaining at school about how “picky” people are being during a critique or scoff at how time consuming graphic design is, I honestly have not even a remote sense of compassion for them. People can either pay attention to detail finding a certain sense of self-satisfied reward… or they can work the assembly line mindlessly throughout their lives.

All thoughts aside, my button making experience was pretty cool. Thanks for stopping by and checking out the blog.


Wolf Man Dan


Wolf Man Dan
Ink & Colored Pencil on Bristol
4.25 X 5.5 in.

One day it will happen. There will come a time, like a time that has come before only different, when everything seems make perfect sense. For a brief moment of weirdness and strange comfort an absolute peace will set in; the stress and discomforts of worry will wither and retreat leaving only an empowered sense of the now. To actually live in the moment—the moment being the here and the right now without the distraction of the where and the when of tomorrow and the next day—is to stop and refuse to take yourself so serious. Give it up. Take a breath. Be free of self-defeating expectations and have a little bit of fun.

Thanks to everyone who stops by the blog to check us out!




Hi, I’m Leeroy!
Black Micron w/ Oil Pastels on Chipboard



So another Easter came and went. Im not really one to “celebrate” Easter. In all honestly I treat it like any other day. The only upside to this “normal” day was the plethora of candy I was provided with. And no, the easter bunny did not make the supply drop, it was however this little green dude. I call him Leeroy (after a certain youtube video).


I’m on a boat, like a boss
-nick v. 



Random Acts of Weird

This piece is not a part of the Environment Series that started with Nicks piece on the Suburban Home. This one is actually my warm up for the series. Drawing in this style—micro illustrations—takes a steady hand and plenty of patience. I have been working on and off on this over the past week, hence why it has been so quiet on here from me lately. I hope that you guys like this piece, and please leave us comments if you see something that you like… or something that you do not like. We are open to feedback on both ends as we try to improve ourselves and hone in on our talents to constantly progress.


Random Acts of Weird
Ink on Bristol

Random Acts of...


Below here are some zoomed in areas of the overall piece above—that way you guys do not have to squint so much to see what all is going on.










Crazy Steve…

So this is just a drawing i did when i was really bored. Its a drawing of Crazy Steve (no he isn’t real, but i wish he was). Anyways i just wanted to share it with all of you! 

Crazy Steve

Crazy Steve
Black Micron and Chalk Pastels on Cardboard
7 x 8.5

I also want to go ahead and tell everyone who has been checking out our blog, THANK YOU! Its so cool to see how many people are checking it out. I want to say we had something like 63 views, which is amazing, considering we haven’t been doing this that long. So again, thanks to everyone for their support, and keep a look out for some new stuff coming up pretty soon!

-nick v.

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