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Welcome to the Darkside…

I have realized that I have become a little too comfortable drawing on white Bristol with my black micron pens. So, I figured what the heck and went out and got some black paper and white, silver, and fluorescent pens. I figured this would make for an interesting experience. I definitely felt out my comfort zone at first but eventually got the hang out it. I can honestly say I had fun drawing this piece. That’s probably because this piece was practically one big experiment.

— nick v.

The Darkside
white, silver, and fluorescent ink on black paper
7.5 x 22.75






The Penis of Milow

In between final preparation for Monday’s upcoming announcement, I have a 5 page Art History paper to finish up as well. The paper is based on a piece of work, chosen by me, within the time periods covered in the class. The paper also needs to have an accompanied art piece. We were instructed to not merely recreate the piece, but to reinterpret it in any medium or style of our choice. The piece I chose is the Greek sex symbol/goddess, Aphrodite of Melos—the Venus de Milo. The style I chose to approach the reinterpretation is cartooning. Below is the result. (The piece, not the paper)


“The Penis of Milow”
Paint & Ink on Canvas

Penis of Milow

Caption: “I’m afraid it’s going to fall off eventually.”

Sketchbook style

The Fridge has been empty this week in regards to new posts, but all is for good reason. Nick and I have been busy in preparation for something coming up in the near future. (Look for the announcement on Monday, June 1st)

Most everyone has three and four-day holiday weekends going on right now, and I hope that people are making the best out of their breaks. Just below are some things taken out of my sketchbook I thought might be worth sharing with all of you guys and girls who decided to stop by the site. Happy Memorial Day.


Carrot guy

meat trouble




Goofy guy

Anything Goes…

So here it is, the piece I have been working on for the last week.It been awhile since I’ve done an illustration like this so I was pretty stoked to work on it. I pretty much just took the approach of anything goes. Its sort of like Jim’s “random acts of weirdness”. I’m surprised I was able to finish it as quick as i  did. I just sat down and went at it.

Anything Goes
13.5 X 9  
Ink on Bristol…

IMG_0002 copy


I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Hopefully you all will enjoy it to. Below, I posted some close-ups of the piece so you all could get a better look.

IMG_0006 copy

IMG_0003 copy

IMG_0004 copy

IMG_0005 copy

IMG_0007 copy

IMG_0008 copy


Real quick, I forgot to mention on my last entry, but thanks to everyone who asked for a t-shirt. I was surprised at how many people actually wanted one. I ran out pretty quick. A few lucky people got their nick v. shirt. I even sent one to a someone in england, I was def. pretty stoked about that. Hopefully I can get some pics of some people wearing their shirts and i’ll put up on here.

I would also like to take this time to send a big thank you to Joey Marchy over at  for mentioning the fridge on his site. That really made our day, and for that we are extremely thankful.

Also to everyone who has checked out our blog, thank you so much. Hopefully you all continue to keep checking back to see what else me and Jim are getting into.


-nick v.

WANTED: the mustache bandits

My mind is racing. I have this idea in my head and I think it might be a winner. What is my idea you ask? oh you don’t want to know, but i’m going to tell you anyway. It is a series i’m working on called THE MUSTACHE BANDITS.  There are four of them. Im not going to go into there whole back story just yet. I did however post a picture below of the first roughs.

Mustache Bandits

So far i have only named two of them, and Lesiure Suit Larry is still up in the air. Apparently thats the name of a very “interesting” video game, which i just recently found out. So anyways i’m kind of open to suggestions for names for the other two. Just to give you a little quick summary for each (to help with the naming), Lesuire suit larry= still thinks disco awesome and thinks he is a ladies man, 2. the brains, like to build stuff,  3. the slow guy, really tall, strong, just not all there,  Peach Fuzz Freddy the youngster, can’t quite grow a stach.

Alright so there you have it, the mustache bandits. Look forward to seeing them in the near future.


jimmy is a mother lover,
-nick v.

Broccoli vs Tomato

School keeps me busy, but not too busy to contemplate the possible outcome of an all out food battle royal. This guy is a combination of vegetable innocence and rage from sitting in the back of my refrigerator for slightly longer than any food should. Broccoli can definitely be bad given the time. Tomato never stood a chance.


Broccoli vs Tomato
Ink on Bristol, digitally colored (except for the pool of tomato—sharpie)

Broccoli vs Tomato

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