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Update: Whats new?

We have been rather busy with our classes lately leaving posts spread a little thin these past few weeks. Luckily, we have not just been busy with our classes, but we have a couple of big things coming up.

Beards and Brushes—Saturday, September 5th @ Bogda
Nick and I have both done entries for this show and will be sharing them on the blog next week.

Atomic Sketch—Wednesday, September 2nd @ Old Library for Art walk
“The Atomic Sketch Event is an inaugural fundraising event for AIGA Jacksonville that consists of a panel of AIGA Jacksonville members who will be sketching, drawing, painting, inking, etc. —feverishly throughout the night—offering those works for sale at affordable prices, anywhere from $50 to FREE for and amazing piece of art! It’s a great place to start an epic art collection and meet some amazing designers/artists! This event is live, so come on out, watch art in its creation and support your local designers!”

• Fridge Shirts—Have the money to put in the order for shirts, and the screen is ready. Coming within the next couple of weeks.

With all that said, here is a couple of quick sketch illustrations and a colored Turtle Torino putting up Fridge stickers.


arrow guynose guyTurtle Turino on the streets


sketch it up…

So the fridge has been a little empty lately. This is mainly because school has really picked up for Jim and I the last couple of weeks. We have been devoting a lot of our time towards our Children’s Book Illustration class ( I know we keep mentioning this class, but you’ll be able to see what we’ve been up to soon enough). In the mean time I thought I would put up a page from my sketchbook. Usually while in class I can be seen drawing while trying to pay attention at the same time (and yes I do pay attention in class). Mainly I start drawing in the down time of class. 


-nick v.

p.s.-I would also like to go ahead and say that we have some shirts coming out so keep a look out for those.


Sketch book, nick

Look Ma, an Elephant!

In our Children’s Book Illustration class, as Jim mentioned in the previous post, we were required to pick an animal and a create it in the style of Charlie Harper. This was our “warm up” project, in a sense, before we started on our children’s book. The animal I chose to do was an elephant. I used a Coke box, watercolor, and ink  to create it. Below is a picture.

-nick v.


Illustration and Children’s Books

The current quarter at my school I am enrolled in a class strictly devoted to children’s book illustration. As part of the class, there is an online reference collection blog being put together by all of the students as a weekly research assignment for inspiration and further understanding of the stylistic applications. Of coarse, the major focus of this class to illustrate a 32 page children’s book. Instead of merely taking the text from one of the classics in the public domain, our professor had a creative writing class write the story so that we would have to deal with the writer illustrator relationship on top of the illustrations themselves.

While waiting on the text, we first delved into the history of children’s book illustration and taking note of the major contributors to the medium. For our first exercise, we were challenged with emulating the collage techniques and style of Charley Harper. We were to choose an animal and interoperate. My choice was the seagull as you can see below.


Getting back into the story being illustrated, my writer, Barry Adaska wrote a fish story where the protagonist, Joe Fish, thinking he is getting to big for little pond, ventures out through a hidden underwater cave leading to the ocean where he must learn his place and try not to be in such a hurry to grow up. Below are my digital rough workups for the protagonist, Joe Fish.


Note: the final illustrations are being done in watercolor so he, and all of his surroundings, will be drastically different from these rough workups.

Look for more on this class from both Nick and I as we continue forward in this project for the quarter.


Workshop: Screen Printing

IMG_0010Sean Tucker of the Dalton Agency, and co-founder of Dog & Pony Showprints, along with Tonya Lee put together a workshop for the students of The Art Institute of Jacksonville. The art of screen-printing, commonly associated with the work Andy Warhol, is a medium that we both respect and strive to learn more about in an effort to become better, well rounded, artists and designers. Thanks to the knowledge and genuine dedication to bettering and helping young artist/designers of both Tonya and Sean, we feel that we are headed in the right direction. Tonya is an amazing painter, dedicating much of her time as an instructor at The Art Institute of Jacksonville. Sean has been a major influence and mentor to both of us over the past year—we are also huge fans of his and Tim’s amazing poster designs.

IMG_0003IMG_0002Lets go into a little bit about our background in screen-printing. Nick has been experimenting with screen-printing since high school back in 2005 by doing assortments of T-shirt designs as well as experimental art pieces as displayed with the Mustache Bandits. He still feels like he has much to learn, but has mastered the art of facial expressions. Jim has only recently discovered screen-printing primarily through working with Nick and from two previous workshops with Tonya and Sean. Jim has even much more to learn, taking each failed attempt as a learning experience.

The workshop was a huge success across the board. Our friends had some great prints and everyone there had an amazing time and rewarding experience. Below are some of our prints from today. As you can see, the direction of today’s workshop was based off exploring the Warhol style of combining image and color.

IMG_0013IMG_0012IMG_0014IMG_0017Thanks again to Tonya and Sean for being awesome enough to donate their time and knowledge to a couple of guys who appreciated it.

Also, look for Art Behind the Fridge T-shirts coming soon.

—The fridge guys

Little Jack

I thought I would share with you all what I have been working on in my Children’s Book Illustration class. The story I am illustrating is called The Kernel written by Maury Covington Jr., a film student at my school. That’s all I will say about the story, I don’t want to give anything away yet. So far I’ve developed the main character. His name is Little Jack. Below are some of my sketches and Little Jack. I haven’t decided on the medium I will be using so he won’t look exactly like the drawings below.

-nick v.











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