Workshop: Screen Printing

IMG_0010Sean Tucker of the Dalton Agency, and co-founder of Dog & Pony Showprints, along with Tonya Lee put together a workshop for the students of The Art Institute of Jacksonville. The art of screen-printing, commonly associated with the work Andy Warhol, is a medium that we both respect and strive to learn more about in an effort to become better, well rounded, artists and designers. Thanks to the knowledge and genuine dedication to bettering and helping young artist/designers of both Tonya and Sean, we feel that we are headed in the right direction. Tonya is an amazing painter, dedicating much of her time as an instructor at The Art Institute of Jacksonville. Sean has been a major influence and mentor to both of us over the past year—we are also huge fans of his and Tim’s amazing poster designs.

IMG_0003IMG_0002Lets go into a little bit about our background in screen-printing. Nick has been experimenting with screen-printing since high school back in 2005 by doing assortments of T-shirt designs as well as experimental art pieces as displayed with the Mustache Bandits. He still feels like he has much to learn, but has mastered the art of facial expressions. Jim has only recently discovered screen-printing primarily through working with Nick and from two previous workshops with Tonya and Sean. Jim has even much more to learn, taking each failed attempt as a learning experience.

The workshop was a huge success across the board. Our friends had some great prints and everyone there had an amazing time and rewarding experience. Below are some of our prints from today. As you can see, the direction of today’s workshop was based off exploring the Warhol style of combining image and color.

IMG_0013IMG_0012IMG_0014IMG_0017Thanks again to Tonya and Sean for being awesome enough to donate their time and knowledge to a couple of guys who appreciated it.

Also, look for Art Behind the Fridge T-shirts coming soon.

—The fridge guys


1 Response to “Workshop: Screen Printing”

  1. 1 Elizabeth August 8, 2009 at 7:36 pm

    This is very cool! You know I’ll buy T-shirts!! And the advantage to that would be I come very large family, so I’ll need LOTS of T-shirts!!!

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