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The Kernel

So the quarter is over. I’m really going to enjoy this week off. With that being said, it is time to share with the world the children’s book I illustrated. I’m pretty stoked with how it turned out. I’m glad that I was able to take the class. It ended up being one of my favorite classes. It was class that was based on illustrating, and I really enjoy illustrating. I found it really interesting how it was set up, and I mean that in a good way. The stories that we were given to illustrated, were written by other students at the school who were in a creative writing class. Our class was given three different stories, so that means that multiple students were given the same story to illustrate. It was cool being able to see the different styles, and that no two books looked remotely the same. Overall I think the class went very well.

The story I illustrated is called The Kernel. It is about a boy named Little Jack who decides to eat the last kernel in his popcorn bag. Before doing so, he thinks back to what his fathers warning about eating the last kernel. He decides to go forth anyways and comes to the quick  realization that his father was right. Eating the last kernel is a bad idea. The story was written by Maury Covington. I chose to illustrate the story using watercolor and black ink.

-nick v.

The Kernel
9×7 perfect bound
Written by: Maury Covington
Illustrated by: Nick Villalva 
The Kernel_1
The Kernel_2
The Kernel_3
The Kernel_4
The Kernel_5
The Kernel_6
The kernel_7
The Kernel_8
The Kernel_9

Whatcha Mean, What’s a Zine?

Earlier this year, we stumbled across an artist web site called, Fudge Factory Comics, which is done by Travis Millard out of Los Angeles. The thing that captured our attention was his section on zines. Since finding this, we have had it in the back of our heads that this would be a fun casual project for us to do every now and then. This past quarter at school we had a class that involved hand stitching and binding books. For one of the projects we did our first test run and created a zine. The covers were screen printed and we had some pages of random thoughts and expressions done with a typewriter. We have talked with others that also have interest in this area, and are looking to do some collaboration sometime soon. Below are some shots from the ones we did in class.

—The Fridge Guys


The Mustache Bandito…

So I’m pretty pumped to have been part of the Beards and Brushes show. There was a lot of awesome artwork. Thanks to Sean from Jaxbeard for putting on the show. You can check out pictures from the show here

For the show I decided to do the Mustache Bandito. If any of you are familiar with the Mustache Bandits, the Bandito is just another one of the Bandits only he is spanish. So don’t try speaking english to him because he won’t understand a word your saying. Below is a picture of him. He is one cool dude. Also I included a picture of Jim, Sara, and  I rocking the Mustache Fridge shirts. If anyone still wants one, hit us up and we will make it happen. We are selling them for $5. 

may the force be with you,
-nick v.


The Mustache Bandito
Acrylic on Canvas
Mustach Bandito

Mandusa—Entry for Beards & Brushes at Bogda

The Beards and Brushes show was chalked full of great people who submitted amazing pieces of beard inspired art. I am glad that I could be a part of it.


“Mandusa” —the snake bearded creature of myth.
Acrylic on canvas




Beards and Brushes show at Bogda: Sat Sep. 5th—8pm


For anyone that gets a chance to go, we both have pieces that will be in this show as do a few of our friends. Come out and join in on the expressed joy of facial hair.

—The Fridge Guys

AIGA Atomic Sketch: Art Walk September 09



As we blogged about before, this past Wednesday night for September’s Art Walk we were invited to illustrate along side fellow AIGA members: Ashley Hazen, Ed Hall, Karen Kurycki, Katy Garrison, and Varick Rosete. The event was called Atomic Sketch and it was unanimously considered to be a good time and successful experiment—not to mention eventful in raising funds for the Jacksonville chapter of AIGA. The event went down with the artist spread out across a number of set-up tables drawing, painting and inking live for all those who would happen to walk by.

The pressure was on as we started, but in no time everyone started to go with the flow and have fun with what we all like to do. Everyone was quite focused yet took time here and there to greet and speak with interested people from the audience of Art Walk observers. It was great to see the interest of both kids and adults. We definitely had a great time and hope to do this again sometime.

To see all the photos taken from the event, and all of the artist’s work produced that night, check out the AIGA Jacksonville Flickr page. Also, check out this video from Florida Times Union.

Below here are the pieces that we contributed throughout the night. 

—The Fridge Guys



My other shirt is a V neck…

Ok this past weekend a friend of mine, Nick Heath, asked if i could make him some shirts for him and his friends. He wanted the shirts to say “My other shirt is a V-neck”. It’s simply a joke they had between each other. It’s in response to the countless number of kids that you see wearing v-neck t-shirts everyday. Anyways, I thought it was pretty funny so I hooked him up with some shirts. 


The shirts I made for him were white with black ink. I forgot to take a picture of them, so last night i made another one. This time I printed white on black. I came across some white opaque ink I ordered a while back and hadn’t tested out yet. The ink looks good on the shirt, but the it is extremely thick and dries with a quickness in the screen. Such a nightmare to clean. 


That wasn’t the only shirt I made this week. As some of you might already know, Jimmy and I submitted art work for the Beards & Brushes art show. We talked about how funny it would be to have Fridge shirts that had mustaches on them, so I went ahead and made a few. 


These aren’t official fridge shirts mentioned earlier. We came up with these to help promote the Beards & Brushes show this coming up this Saturday, since we are participating in it. Plus a fridge with a mustache just looks kind of funny. We are only printing them this week. UPDATE: we are selling them for $5. If your interested in getting one just shoot me an email: Make sure to include the size.



ALSO,  we are participatingin the AIGA sponsored Atomic Sketch tomorrow, Wednesday September 2nd ,at the Downtown Art Walk. Make sure to come check this out. It’s taking place from 5 to 9pm at the Old Hayden Burns Library located at Adams & Main St.

Participating artists & designers include:


Hope to see you there!

-nick v.

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