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Designers in Toyland!

You like sweet toys? Well if you answered yes to that question then I got just the event for you. AIGA Jacksonville presents Designers in Toyland at the December Art Walk, December 2nd from 5-9 pm at the 229 N. Hogan Street Studio. Designers in Toyland is a custom toy show featuring over 80+ artists who will be showing their sweet toys that they created. Jimmy and I will be participating along with some of our friends, so make sure you come check it out. A portion of the proceeds from the event will be donated to The Big Fun Box. It’s going to be an awesome show and you definitely don’t want to miss it.


be there or be square,

-nick v.


Party Like a Rock Star

One of my close friends who decided to throw a themed party to celebrate her birthday this year where everyone would show up dressed like a rocker from any decade they wished, and party like a rock star. She asked me if I would do an invite flier, which I was more than happy to do for her. Above is the flier, and below is the stand-alone illustration. I am happy to say that she was pretty stoked when she first saw it. The party was a great time for friends and fun.


Mitch Kelly is a Character

Always a fan of cartooning and having grown up on Mad Magazine, I sometimes like to do semi-comical cartoon versions of people. A while back I posted one of Nick V. and another one of Ralph Steadman. Hanging out with our friend Mitch Kelly earlier this last week, I was sketching in my book and did a quick caricature sketch of him. He liked it, so I refined it a bit for him. Mitch goes to school with us, and has some good work that we like on his blog.


Mitch KellyMitch_Caracature drawing

the “in” crowd…

This past weekend I decided to venture on a quest to figure the whole registration thing out with screen printing. It seemed simple enough, I just never really gave it a try. All of my previous prints never really required registration and the ones that did, I just eyeballed it because I was only making one or two prints.

For this print I kept it two colors. I assembled the image using various drawings from my sketchbook that I have been wanting to use for some time now. The registration went rather smoothly thanks to some pointers from Sean Tucker, but the fact that my squeegee was not big enough turned it into a rather frustrating experience. Luckily in the end, I was able to obtain a larger squeegee and finish the prints. I kept the run fairly small and ended up with about 7 decent prints. 

Also, be sure to check out Art Walk downtown tomorrow night! Jimmy will apart of AIGA’s Atomic Sketch in the Old Library, and our friend Karen Dessire will be showing her work at the store. 


– nick v.

the “in” crowd
11 x 16.5
2 color screenprint

illustration print 1 illustration screenprint 2illustration screenprint 3illustration screenprint 4

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