Okay, campers, rise and shine.. It’s Groundhog Day!

“Okay, campers, rise and shine. Don’t forget your booties because it’s cold out there today. It’s cold out there every day. What is this, Miami Beach? Not hardly. You can expect hazardous travel later with that blizzard thing. “That blizzard thing”? Here’s the report. The National Weather Service is calling for a big blizzard thing. They are. But there’s another reason why today is especially exciting. Especially cold. The big question on everybody’s lips-On their chapped lips. Do you think Phil will come out and see his shadow?-Punxsutawney Phil.-That’s right, woodchuck chuckers. It’s Groundhog Day!”

In honor of one of my favorite movies that relates to today’s holiday, Groundhog Day, I am putting up this poster I did for one of our current AIGA student group projects. I think that this film is one of the most brilliantly written films I have ever seen.. Bill Murray, one of my personal hero’s, created the perfect character—originally slated to be played by Tom Hanks, although passed up, by both him and the studio, due to the fact that he is too likable of a guy. Happy Groundhog Day everyone!

Also.. Catch both Nick and I, along with a bunch of our dearest friends and acquaintances, this week at I’m Board IV skate deck art/design show located at 229 Hogan during Art Walk this coming Wednesday, February 3rd.



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