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I Hope This Makes You Happy

So where do I begin. I think I have put a little too much thought into this post, but I really wanted what I have to say to make sense. The last couple of weeks I have been working on this idea I have had. The idea involves me creating a 5×5 drawing that I will take and put up somewhere in Jacksonville for whoever to find it. The idea behind it is this, I believe that art makes people “happy”, or at least thats the case for me. I know that when I look at an illustration, a painting, a sculpture, street art, or even a film that I think is “cool”, it makes me “happy”. It makes me feel inspired and gets me thinking creatively. The experience may be different for everyone. That is why I think Art is pretty important. Mainly because without art, the world would be a pretty unbearable place. Art can change the mood of an environment, and even the mood of you, the viewer.

With this project I want to take art and put it in places that you normally wouldn’t find it, in a sense put it where it would be least expected. I want to make drawings that I hope people will think are cool and will be stoked to find them.  Every week I will create a new drawing and put it up around town on friday. Tomorrow, Friday March 5th, is the first day I will be putting up a drawing. Hopefully one of you find it, and I Hope it Makes You Happy.

-nick v.


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