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Are Those Eames Bucket Chairs?

At the July Artwalk, I participated in the SALVAGED art show, along with a numerous of other extremely talented artists. My entry for the show was a Bucket chair that I cleaned up drastically. I spent a few days just sanding it, trying to get all the rust off so I could paint and draw on it. Although I only submitted one chair for the show, I actually did two chairs. I have been wanting to draw on a bucket chair ever since I saw the Eames Bucket Chairs that Mike Perry did a while back. Not sure if the ones I did are actual Eames chairs or replicas, but either way I’m stoked I got the chance to do them.

-nick v.

I like chair I and II
Bucket Chair
Spray Paint and Sharpie Poster Paint Pen


O’brien—from Designers in Toy Land

Designers in Toyland, an AIGA fundraiser and custom toy show, this past week at Art Walk opened up the doors to an outstanding turnout. There were so many people passing through to see all of the amazing pieces done by a grouping of 80 artists/designers. It was such a privilege to be a part of such a wonderful event. Check out all the great photos taken at the event from the links in the previous post from Nick, and take a moment to check out this video posted by Urban Jacksonville as well as this video from one of our classmates, Jesse Sison.

A great thing about the show was the opportunity to try something new. I decided that I wanted to paint one of the Kid Robot Munny dolls such as I have seen other friends do in the past. The Munny dolls come with a random assortment of additional attachments to differentiate similar models from each other, and mine happened to have a hat that pretty much helped me immediately decide what I wanted to do with mine. Below are a few photos.


7-inch Munny
acrylic on vinyl

My head hurts…

Dude its been a while…. I can’t believe I’m slacking on this blog thing. I’ve been pretty busy lately working on multiple projects. For the last 5 weeks I’ve been working on this project for my form and space class. A 3-D head…my head. It took so long to do and it took a lot of patience, but it paid off in the end. I was pretty pleased with the end product. Here are some pics…







Alright well hopefully you guys think this head of mine is pretty cool, like i said i’m pretty stoked about it.

i’m on a boat…
-nick v.

Putting a good book to use…

So I recently finished up this 3-D sculpture thing I was working on. I used a book as my medium. I used a photography book of New York that I found when I got lost in the Chamblin book store over in the Ortega area. My whole idea behind it was to let the pictures direct me where to go next. An exacto knife was my tool and slowly  I cut away the parts of the pages that I didn’t want. I’m pretty happy how it turned out considering it was my first time doing something like this. Check out the pics below.





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