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In The Shoe Show – Underbelly@Anomaly

Recently we had the opportunity to join other local artists to participate in a show hosted by the good people of Underbelly @ Anomaly called, The Shoe Show. Emily Moody & Shea Slemmer are wonderful hosts who are doing a lot of good things with their location in Five Points. We took to the call to artists as an opportunity to have fun with a different kind of canvas. We had three sets of shoes represented at the show. One set, a collaboration of both our illustrations mixed in together, and the other two sets were done individually. They can still be seen up at Underbelly, and if you have never been there, with its outdoor setting and tree-house DJ booth, it’s definitely a place to check out in Five Points.

— Jim


Mandusa—Entry for Beards & Brushes at Bogda

The Beards and Brushes show was chalked full of great people who submitted amazing pieces of beard inspired art. I am glad that I could be a part of it.


“Mandusa” —the snake bearded creature of myth.
Acrylic on canvas




Beards and Brushes show at Bogda: Sat Sep. 5th—8pm


For anyone that gets a chance to go, we both have pieces that will be in this show as do a few of our friends. Come out and join in on the expressed joy of facial hair.

—The Fridge Guys

Update: Whats new?

We have been rather busy with our classes lately leaving posts spread a little thin these past few weeks. Luckily, we have not just been busy with our classes, but we have a couple of big things coming up.

Beards and Brushes—Saturday, September 5th @ Bogda
Nick and I have both done entries for this show and will be sharing them on the blog next week.

Atomic Sketch—Wednesday, September 2nd @ Old Library for Art walk
“The Atomic Sketch Event is an inaugural fundraising event for AIGA Jacksonville that consists of a panel of AIGA Jacksonville members who will be sketching, drawing, painting, inking, etc. —feverishly throughout the night—offering those works for sale at affordable prices, anywhere from $50 to FREE for and amazing piece of art! It’s a great place to start an epic art collection and meet some amazing designers/artists! This event is live, so come on out, watch art in its creation and support your local designers!”

• Fridge Shirts—Have the money to put in the order for shirts, and the screen is ready. Coming within the next couple of weeks.

With all that said, here is a couple of quick sketch illustrations and a colored Turtle Torino putting up Fridge stickers.


arrow guynose guyTurtle Turino on the streets


One of my new pieces, seen at Art Walk, is this painting below of a partial octopus tentacle. Painting is a new medium for me, and one that enjoyed and look forward to exploring further on my own and through a couple of workshops with D. Webster this summer. I am pretty sure the style for this painting, as far as illustrative nature and color choice, derives some influence from older Rob Zombie stuff. I really took to that stuff as a pre-teen and am sure it will influence me from time to time for the rest of my life.


Acrylic on Canvas


Art (walk) Behind the Fridge: Part II

First and foremost, we had a really great time at the Art Walk this past Wednesday and would like to give out a huge thanks to all who stopped in to see our work and talk with us a bit. So many people came by and had nothing but positive things to share with us. It was so nice to see the many friends, mentors and family members that came through to support us along with our efforts in creativity.

We would like to give special thanks to and The Art Institute of Jacksonville for hosting this opportunity for us. Also another huge shout out to Joey Marchy & Urban Jacksonville for the positive and friendly feedback as well and sending many new viewers to our site and the show. Finally, thank you to Folio Weekly for adding our names to the Art Walk highlights ad space—that was an unexpected and cool surprise.

Again, we had a great time and look forward to doing more for and with the city of Jacksonville. Thanks again everybody—including the guys from the Empire and the dog from The Sandlot—for stopping by!

—Jim & Nick V.


Art (Walk) Behind the Fridge

Here at Art Behind the Fridge, we would like to welcome everyone to’s location—at 201 North Laura St., Jacksonville, FL‎—this Wednesday, June 3rd from 5pm to 9pm for Art Walk. Thanks to a new artist series in partnership with The Art Institute of Jacksonville, Jim Ward and Nick Villalva will be displaying a selection of drawings, paintings and screenprints. We hope to see our friends, acquaintances and fans of the Fridge make it out this Wednesday. We are also looking forward to seeing more of our friends in future Art Walks as a part of this new series.

Below is a picture of (on the corner of Adams & Laura St.) along with some google map screenshots of where it is located exactly.


Picture 3

Picture 4


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