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Beards at RAM on 6/12: Beard & Mustache Contest

Got to design an upcoming event flier for an awesome group right here in Jacksonville. For those of you that don’t know about the Jacksonville Beardsmith Society, it is an entire group, run by our good friend Sean Collins, dedicated to the awesomeness that is beards and mustaches. Join Sean and his bearded brethren on June, 12 at RAM (Riverside Arts Market) for a Beard and Mustache Contest!

— Jim

Enter to compete at the Jacksonville Beardsmith Society booth between 10am – 12pm. Contest begins at 12:30pm. Great prizes for category winners and best in show! Categories include: Best Mustache; Best Partial Beard (sideburns, goatee, fumanchu); Best Beard; Freestyle; and Best Handmade Facial Hair. * There will be local celebrity judges.


Party Like a Rock Star

One of my close friends who decided to throw a themed party to celebrate her birthday this year where everyone would show up dressed like a rocker from any decade they wished, and party like a rock star. She asked me if I would do an invite flier, which I was more than happy to do for her. Above is the flier, and below is the stand-alone illustration. I am happy to say that she was pretty stoked when she first saw it. The party was a great time for friends and fun.


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