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Graphic designer, amateur illustrator, aspiring amateur writer, AIGA Jacksonville board member, and people watcher. Also won a hip-hop dance battle on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and considered guitar lessons once.

Art Behind the Fridge was a fun side project while in school for graphic design giving us a chance to draw random things and not just create for class. Since graduation last year, we haven’t done much with the blog but who knows… maybe that will change soon. Until then, I occasionally post stuff on either my site, Four Letter Ward, my blog, Average Jim, and little snippets on dribbble. Also, enjoy a haiku.


A fat kid running;
the sounds of an ice-cream truck


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  • RT @laurenkayco: Today in overheard-at-an-ad-agency: When I first saw the USMNT abbreviation, I thought it was US Mutant Ninja Turtles. #ag5 months ago

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