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The Foul Mouths

This past week was the annual AIGA Cocktails & Creatives Bowling Night. This event brings together members and non-members for an evening of competition, fun and camaraderie. I have taken an interest in doing more with digital illustrations, and took this event as an opportunity to practice by putting together a team name, the Foul Mouths and creating a poster for our team table. Our team didn’t win.. or even come close for that matter, but we had a lot of fun and it was great to come out and see everyone as always. Check out the winners on the AIGA Jacksonville Chapter blog, and pictures form the event on their Flckr account.

— Jim


Me and Mark

A few weeks ago a friend of mine, Josh James, hired me to do some design work for a few of his bands. He’s in a couple of local bands, Evergreen Terrace and Casey Jones and he has a new band with Mark O’Quinn called Me and Mark. He asked me if I would do the design for the Me and Mark demo as well as the tour Admat for the upcoming Evergreen/Casey Jones Australian tour. Below are some pictures of both the final printed Me and Mark demo and the Australian tour Admat.

-nick v.

Happy Halloween

Hope that everyone has a safe and fun time out there tonight!


Fridge HalloweenFrankenstein


So last month I participated in the AIGA Jacksonville’s Always Summer Poster Show. I meant to post my entry sooner but kept putting it off because I was either busy or I would forget. Pretty soon I felt like too much time had passed so I just decided not to post it. Then last night I went and watched Joey Cape of Lagwagon play at Jackrabbits and I immediately changed my mind. It was such an awesome show. He played a lot of Lagwagon stuff plus a couple of new songs off his new acoustic album.

See for the Always Summer Poster Show, artist were to pick their favorite summer song and create a poster for it.  I chose to do a poster for Violins by Lagwagon, specifically the acoustic version which is on the Joey Cape/ Tony Sly  acoustic split.  I had never heard the acoustic version until this past summer when my friend gave me a copy of the split and I came across the song. I listened to the song a countless number of times this summer on my drive from Seattle to Jacksonville. It is definitely one of my favorite Lagwagon songs and after hearing the acoustic version, I liked it even more. I’m pretty stoked that he actually played it last night.

18 x 24 
“Because you put me out, the butt of a sick joke,
into this ashtray life, as you come and go…”
Below the poster I put the part of the song that I was thinking of specifically when I was sketching out ideas for the poster. It’s one of my favorite lines from the song. As you can tell, I went for a more literal approach of the lyrics when illustrating the poster. Enjoy.
-nick v.

Turtle Torino

An old friend of mine, which is an understatement considering we go back 20 years, emailed me this afternoon requesting a black and white illustration commission of a turtle smoking a cigarette. He needed a decal for his car that was similar in style to a friend of his whom uses a monkey.

His description of what he needed simply stated, “Can you draw me a cartoonie turtle smoking a cigarette.  He needs to be kind of rugged and standing up right.” He also attached an image of the one his buddy has as a reference for the style.

I could think of no more a rugged looking character than that of Clint Eastwood from his latest film, Gran Torino. I present to you all, Turtle Torino.


Turtle Torino

Pacman Busting on the Scene

For some reason, I imagine that Pacman is this big thing roaming the halls of some dark ghost infested series of hallways busting all the light blubs, given his size, as he makes his way around. The ghosts are just looking, trying to find out who is breaking them all—Complete home invasion. A giant Pacman would be far more terrifying than a ghost with no arms or legs.


Pacman—A Closer Look
Ink, Digitally colored


Unfulfilled at Work

For when there is that longing at that office job, that we have all had one time or another, that there is something better suited one would rather be doing.

—Jim Ward

Unfulfilled at Work
Ink, Digital

Unfulfilled at Work

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