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Shit From Nowhere Vol. 1

A couple of months ago I contacted my friend Randy Vale about doing a zine. I’ve been wanting to do one for awhile now. Luckily he was as stoked as me about putting something together. I then asked Jim and my friend Kyle Cannon to submit some drawings as well. With our forces combined we came up with the first Volume of Shit From Nowhere.

It’s a collection of 26 drawings that we felt were worthy enough to bless your eyes with. We made an edition of 30 and each zine is hand numbered. If you would like a copy, we are currently selling them for 5 bucks. I have some copies available in my store.

Remember, Stay Rad!
-nick v.

Shit From Nowhere Vol. 1
Collection of Drawings by: Nick V. Randy Vale, Kyle Cannon, and Jimmy Ward
5.5 x 8.5 (half letter)


I Hope This Makes You Happy

So where do I begin. I think I have put a little too much thought into this post, but I really wanted what I have to say to make sense. The last couple of weeks I have been working on this idea I have had. The idea involves me creating a 5×5 drawing that I will take and put up somewhere in Jacksonville for whoever to find it. The idea behind it is this, I believe that art makes people “happy”, or at least thats the case for me. I know that when I look at an illustration, a painting, a sculpture, street art, or even a film that I think is “cool”, it makes me “happy”. It makes me feel inspired and gets me thinking creatively. The experience may be different for everyone. That is why I think Art is pretty important. Mainly because without art, the world would be a pretty unbearable place. Art can change the mood of an environment, and even the mood of you, the viewer.

With this project I want to take art and put it in places that you normally wouldn’t find it, in a sense put it where it would be least expected. I want to make drawings that I hope people will think are cool and will be stoked to find them.  Every week I will create a new drawing and put it up around town on friday. Tomorrow, Friday March 5th, is the first day I will be putting up a drawing. Hopefully one of you find it, and I Hope it Makes You Happy.

-nick v.

What were we thinking?

So a little over a month ago, my friend Randy Vale and I hung out and worked on an illustration together. We just hung out, watched some band dvds, and talked about music while we passed the drawing back and forth. It was a lot of fun working with him. Below are some pictures of what resulted from our hang out.

-nick v.

What Were We Thinking?
Micron on Bristol

I wish I was better at skateboarding…

At this months Art Walk, Jimmy and I, along with a number of our friends, participated in the I’m Board IV skateboard art show which was put on by Chad Landenberger. The turnout was awesome. There were so many people who came out to check out the show. I was blown away by how many boards were on display. So many local artists took part, submitting some really awesome artwork. I submitted two boards for the show. Below are some pictures of my boards.

check out photos from the show here, here, here, here, and here.

-nick v.

and so it begins…

Well ladies and gents, I would like to introduce the addition of the Daily Drawing tab. I started to come across a lot of different artist who do daily drawings, and that started to get me interested in doing a daily drawing myself. Recently I brought the idea to Jimmy and we decided to go for it. I think this will be a good way to help us grow as artists. I also think it will provide us with the perfect excuse to experiment, not to mention it will keep us thinking creatively on a daily basis. There have been too many days where I have gone without picking up my pencil to draw. By committing to doing a daily drawing, we’ll be forcing ourselfs to take time every day to draw something, even if its only for 30 minutes.

-nick v.

One Year Later—Back to the Beginning

One year ago today marked the very first post on our blog, Art Behind the Fridge. It is hard to believe that this fun side project, started as an alternative to just doing projects for school, has gone on for a full year now. With this new school quarter starting, and graduation approaching for both of us this summer, I realize that this “fun project” has become a huge part of the college experience for us. I have found, over the course of this year, the blog to be about fun, friendship and simply doing what it is that we love to do. Thanks to everyone we have connected to along the way so far.

Now, one year later it seems that we have revisited right where we started—a suiting way to kick off another year. The last week of school before the holiday break, we got the opportunity to do another environmental illustration on the large window area of the store at our school, The Art Institute of Jacksonville. Where the first time around I believe it took us a couple of weeks to complete, this time we did it in the span of six hours. Looking at if from the front, I did the left side and Nick did the right side.

Sara Basse was awesome enough to photo document the experience and compile it into this time lapsed video.
(sorry, for some reason I cannot embed the video.. but please click the link and check it out)

Following the video we came in and added some color to the scene. If you happen to be visiting the school, stop by the student store and check it out.


Jolly Green Munny

This is the second of three toys that I did for the recent Designers in Toyland show that took place at the December 2nd Art Walk. It is titled Jolly Green Munny. It is a 4 inch Munny that I covered in materials used to make trees and underbrush for model train sets. I cut off the top part of the head and (since munnys are hollow) filled it with rocks. I also put a tree on top. It took awhile to glue all the stuff on him but it was worth it.

-nick v.

Jolly Green Munny
4 inch Munny

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